Electricity Experiments

  • Interscale For Demonstration Meter

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0031

    For use with interscale demonstration meters. Each dial comprises a laminated plastic panel with sealed moulded box at one end which contains the shun...

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  • Jockey Knife Edge

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0032

    For Wheatstone Bridge & Potentiometers. Metal knife edge mounted in plastic handle, 90 mm long x 12 mm dia with terminal at the upper end....

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  • Knife Switch Double

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0033

    Double Pole Double Throw, mounted on a bakelite base with screw holes for bench fixing etc. Overall Dimensions 100 x 15 x 30 mm...

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  • Knife Switch Single

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0034

    Single pole double throw, mounted on bakelite base with plated spring metal contacts and screw connectors....

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  • Lampholder

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0035

    Suitable for mounting screw threaded type MES bulb. Round base with holes for screw mounting....

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  • Lampholder Mounted

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0036

    Double contact type lamp holder made of brass insert in plastic body mounted on insulated plastic base with 4mm socket terminals....

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