Electricity Experiments

  • Demonstration Dynamo Model A.C and D.C

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0019

    A simple dynamo model to differentiate AC from DC. Mounted on a wooden base. Two bulbs are provided for AC & DC current(s). The model is hand driven &...

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  • Demonstration Dynamo Model D.C

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0020

    A simple demonstration of a Dynamo Model mounted on a wooden base. Hand driven by a gear. Simplified open frame construction which can be readily unde...

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  • Demonstration Electric Bell

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0021

    Mounted on a wooden base, all parts easily visible, rigid constructions to show the connections on a vertical stand....

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  • Demonstration Electric Motor

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0022

    A model of the simplest form of DC motor; having 3 armatures - 2 pole, 3 pole, & 4 pole, wound with enamelled copper wire, & a permanent magnetic fiel...

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  • Demonstration Meter

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0023

    Moving coil type. Basic sensitivity of meter is 5mA, 100mV f.s.d. The meters can be used to demonstrate the working principle of AC or DC ammeters or ...

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  • Double C-Core and Clip

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0024

    Laminated core to form a roughly rectangular core 92 x 56 x 20 mm approx. With a cross section of 20 x 12 mm & is cut across the middle to produce 2 e...

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