Electricity Experiments

  • Commutator Pohl\'s

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0013

    Used in experiments on Hysterisis. Six cups for mercury in bakelite tray. Six terminals for connections & an insulating handle. Maximum current 5 amps...

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  • Conact Key Double

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0014

    A contact arm & three metal studs mounted on a bakelite base with three brass terminals. The centre terminal is common connection to the arm & the oth...

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  • Contact Key - Morse Code Key

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0015

    A brass C.P. spring arm with press knob & two brass terminals. All mounted on bakelite base 80 x 55 mm....

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  • Crocodile Clip

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0016

    Spring loaded serrated jaws, clamping screw for wire, wires may also be soldered. Insulated 4mm sockets. a) Black b) Red...

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  • Demonstration Dynamo

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0017

    This model uses the same basic assembly as the electric motor, mounted on a base plate which also carries a hand drive pulley 120 mm in diameter coupl...

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  • Demonstration Dynamo Model A.C

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0018

    A simple demonstration of a Dynamo Model mounted on a wooden base. Hand driven by a gear. Simplified open frame construction which can be readily unde...

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