Electricity Experiments

  • Electric Motor With Newtons Disc

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0025

    Mounted on a wooden base 90 x 90 x 100 mm, workable on 2 to 4 volt DC with fan blade & Newton’s colour disc....

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  • Festoon Bulb

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0026

    12V 3V for use with smoke cell & multiple light source....

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  • Flashlamp Bulbs

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0027

    Bulbs with MES cap suitable for flash Lamp. a) 1.2v b) 2.5v c) 3.5v d) 4.5v e) 6v f) 12V...

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  • Flashlamp Low Voltage

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0028

    Bulbs with MES cap suitable for flash Lamp....

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  • Inductance Box

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0029

    4 DIAL: MULTIPLIER - x1mH, x10mH, x100mH, x1H AIR/ FERRITE CORE, ACCURACY ±3% at 1KHz Also available in 1 DIAL, 2 DIAL, 3 DIA...

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  • Insulated Socket Terminal

    Product Code : EET-PETY-0030

    With moulded captive head, 4mm socket, nuts and washers. The screw top will connect ordinary connecting wires and spade terminals. a) Black b) Red...

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