Magnets & Magnetism

  • Magnetic Field Apparatus

    Product Code : MG-PMAG-0037

    Comprising a strong U-shaped magnet and a pair of brass rails with 4mm socket terminals....

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  • Magnetic Field Chamber

    Product Code : MG-PMAG-0038

    Acrylic chamber with magnet, showing 3 dimensional nature of the magnetic field....

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  • Magnetic Field Table

    Product Code : MG-PMAG-0039

    A wooden table supports an aluminium ring wound with three coils of 18 SWG enamelled copper wire of 5, 10 & 20 turns respectively, connected to bakeli...

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  • Magnetizing and Demagnetizing Solenoid

    Product Code : MG-PMAG-0040

    A helical coil 310 mm long of DCC copper wire mounted on a wooden board, number of turns marked, with one meter connecting cable, fuses, push switch c...

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  • Materials Set for Magnetism and Electricity

    Product Code : MG-PMAG-0041

    Comprises 11 pieces of magnetic & non magnetic materials each 100 x 32 mm....

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  • Needle Magnetic, Brass Bearing

    Product Code : MG-PMAG-0042

    Carbon steel needle with brass cup bearing....

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