Magnets & Magnetism

  • Demonstration Transformer

    Product Code : MG-PMAG-0025

    One main coil and 2 interchangeable secondary coils,...

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  • Demountable Transformer

    Product Code : MG-PMAG-0026

    Comprises U & I cores of low loss magnetic material, to form a closed core of cross section 25 mm in plane of laminations, 32 mm perpendicular to them...

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  • Dip Circle

    Product Code : MG-PMAG-0027

    With steel needle 10cm long on jeweled bearings, with circular metal scale, 13cm dia. and anti parallax mirror, both rotatable about vertical axis....

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  • Dip Needle

    Product Code : MG-PMAG-0028

    With Cobalt steel needle, 10 cm long, graduated quadrant fully rotatable on metal base...

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  • Dissectible Coil Set

    Product Code : MG-PMAG-0029

    Various coils and cores for electromagnetic experiments....

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  • Electric Motor Kit

    Product Code : MG-PMAG-0030

    This enables students to construct six models electric motors....

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