Magnets & Magnetism

  • Compass Educational

    Product Code : MG-PMAG-0019

    Card marked with points of compass & degrees....

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  • Compass Mariners Compass

    Product Code : MG-PMAG-0020

    Magnetic needle in Aluminium bowl with gimbals...

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  • Plotting compass

    Product Code : MG-PMAG-0021

    These small plotting compasses can be used to plot lines of magnetic fields....

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  • Compass Plotting Glass

    Product Code : MG-PMAG-0022

    These double sided plotting compasses can be viewed from both sides or used on an overhead projector....

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  • Compass Deflection Magnetometer

    Product Code : MG-PMAG-0023

    A small magnetic needle having 100 mm needle at right angle in a tough plastic case....

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  • Deflection Magnetometer

    Product Code : MG-PMAG-0024

    Compass Deflection Magnetometer box fitted on polished wooden base....

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