Heat Physics Equipments

  • Expansion of Liquids Apparatus

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0031

    To show difference in expansion of various liquids over the same temperature range....

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  • Flywheel Unit

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0032

    Comprising an iron flywheel mounted in cast brackets with nylon bearings....

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  • Friction Calorimeter Unit

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0033

    Comprising a brass cylinder, with an integral V pulley in the base of the cylinder & steel shaft which fits into a bearing block....

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  • Hand Wheel Driving Unit

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0034

    2 pulleys on a base giving a step up ratio of 3.75...

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  • Head of Water unit

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0035

    Consists of 2 basins and shaped glass tube....

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  • Hopes Apparatus

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0036

    To show that water has a maximum density at 4 degrees Celsius....

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