Heat Physics Equipments

  • Charles Law Apparatus

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0013

    A glass U tube, 15 mm dia, with one limb plain 220 mm long and other limb graduated 25 to 35 x 0.2 ml, 120 mm long terminating in a bulb 38 mm diamete...

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  • Compound Rod

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0014

    For showing the difference in conductivity....

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  • Compound Strip (Bar)

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0015

    For demonstrating the differential expansion of two metals as shown by the curvature produced when the bar is heated....

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  • Conductivity Apparatus

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0016

    Apparatus for demonstrating the thermal conductivity of different materials....

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  • Constant Level Tank

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0017

    Comprising a brass cylinder with 3 tubes for water inlet, outlet, & overflow with a bosshead & stand....

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  • Constant Volume Air Thermometer

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0018

    Consists of a polished teakwood stand approx. 750 mm high fitted with a wooden scale reading from 0 to 60 cm x 1 mm & supporting an adjustable mercury...

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