Heat Physics Equipments

  • Dulong and Petit Apparatus

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0025

    Consists of columns surrounded by a glass jacket closed by rubber bungs & fitted with inlet & outlet tubes for steam & cold water respectively....

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  • Edsers Apparatus

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0026

    A copper cylindrical vessel fitted with 5 different rods of copper, brass, iron, aluminium, & zinc....

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  • Ether Thermoscope

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0027

    To detect heat radiation, made of glass with bulbs approx. 30 mm, diameter, one bulb painted matt black, partially filled with ether....

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  • Expansion Apparatus

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0028

    Expansion Apparatus Demonstrates the linear expansion of solids....

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  • Expansion Apparatus Gunter

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0029

    Comprising two cast end pieces, joined by three nickel-plated rods, caring two sliding V-supports for a glass jacket with inlet and outlet tubes....

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  • Expansion Apparatus Linear

    Product Code : HA-PHET-0030

    Used to determine the coefficient of expansion of different metals....

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