Fluid & Liquids Experiments

  • Liquid Level Apparatus

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0025

    Four glass tubes of different shapes & cross sectional areas are connected to a common horizontal tube....

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  • Lung Demonstration Apparatus

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0026

    Glass jar with open top attached with 2 balloons attached to a Y tube simulate the lungs;...

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  • Magdeburg Hemispheres

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0027

    Cast Iron or Brass fitted with stopcock and handles. Two metal hemispheres having removable handle and stopcock to a vacuum pump. This demonstrate...

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  • Manometer

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0028

    Made from glass tube, 6 mm bore, 8 mm outer diameter for use at moderate pressures, it is open at both ends & is supplied unfilled....

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  • Manometer (Vacuum Gauge) Bennert

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0029

    Differential manometer - pressure gauge & vacuum gauge closed tube fitted with mercury, stop cock and sliding mirror scale graduated 200 - 0 - 200...

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  • Mercury Bottle

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0030

    Mercury for experiments packed in plastic bottle 500gms....

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