Fluid & Liquids Experiments

  • Bourdon Gauge

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0007

    Circular gauge reads 0 to 50 lb./in² x 1 & o to 3.5 Kg/cm² x 0.1 actual (total) pressure with clear perspex back so that the working parts may be ...

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  • Boyles Law Apparatus

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0008

    Two glass tubes 220mm long x 8mm bore one closed at the top and other open. Lower ends of two glass tubes are joined by 1 meter of pressure tubing...

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  • Boyles Law Apparatus Demo

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0009

    This apparatus is designed to demonstrate to students that volume of air enclosed in the column is clearly visible to students. A wide bore glass tube...

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  • Cartesian Diver

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0010

    To demonstrate floating, suspension, & sinking in accordance with Archemede’s principle. Made of glass....

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  • Communicating Vessel

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0011

    Communicating Vessel - To demonstrate the equilibrium of the same liquid in vessels of different cross section. The apparatus consists of a glass man...

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  • Fluid Pressure Apparatus

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0012

    To demonstrate the transmissibility of fluid pressure. The apparatus comprises two metal cylinders 15 mm and 30 mm dia respectively fitted with piston...

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