Fluid & Liquids Experiments

  • Foot Pump

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0013

    A standard car pattern with an integral pressure gauge from 0 to 4 kg/cm2 and rubber tube adopter....

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  • Force Pump

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0014

    A working model to demonstrate the principles involved in the action of a force-pump....

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  • Fortins Barometer

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0015

    A glass tube of 6mm bore is enclosed in an enamelled and lacquered brass case, mounted on a polished wooden board with plates for fixing on wall....

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  • Hares Apparatus

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0016

    This apparatus is used to compare the densities of liquids. It comprises of three limbed glass tube side limbs 45 cms long and rubber tubing on the ce...

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  • Hares Tube

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0017

    Un-mounted glass tube, limbs with a third short limb for connecting a suction tube....

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  • Hydraulic Press Bramah

    Product Code : FLM-PFMC-0018

    The apparatus comprises a pumping cylinder dia 25mm x 350mm overall height, provided with a piston and a non return valve at its lower end....

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