Waves & Sound Experiments

  • Wave from Helix (Slinky)

    Product Code : WS-PWSO-0031

    For demonstration of wave motion, helical coil of flat section tempered steel....

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  • Wave Motion Apparatus

    Product Code : WS-PWSO-0032

    For demonstrating longitudinal and transverse motion, consisting of a number of eccentric discs supporting a series of metal rods on revolving the han...

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  • Whirling Table

    Product Code : WS-PWSO-0033

    Stand overall height 43 cm. for use in vertical or horizontal position, fitted with hand wheel and wire helix belt drive to pulley....

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  • Wave Machine Powell

    Product Code : WS-PWSO-0034

    For demonstrating the movement of progressive transverse waves, comprises 22 small balls on wire rods, with eccentric motion attachment...

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