Waves & Sound Experiments

  • Ripple Tank Accessories

    Product Code : WS-PWSO-0013

    Dropper, Rubber tubes, Hoffman clip, wooden rod, Sponge, Trapezoidal shaped disc, Elliptical Reflector...

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  • Savarts Toothed Wheels

    Product Code : WS-PWSO-0014

    With four toothed wheels each 75 mm dia, fixed 6 mm apart on a shaft, projecting as spindle with slight taper at its end. Wheels have 36, 45, 54, ...

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  • Sonometer Student

    Product Code : WS-PWSO-0015

    A simple sonometer for the investigation of the performance and characteristics of vibrating wires under tension....

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  • Sonometer Wooden

    Product Code : WS-PWSO-0016

    Comprising a hollow wooden resonance box, with two meter rules graduated in millimetres,...

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  • Stethoscope

    Product Code : WS-PWSO-0017

    Highly sensitive, good quality with rubber tubing,...

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  • Stroboscope Digital

    Product Code : WS-PWSO-0018

    100-10,000 RPM/flash per min....

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