Mechanics Experiments

  • Hooks Law Apparatus

    Product Code : MMW-PMCH-0025

    It consists of a scale mounted vertically on stand, a spring with pointer and provision to hang set of slotted weights....

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  • Hydrostatic Balance

    Product Code : MMW-PMCH-0026

    For determining specific gravity by Archimedes principle, with one pair of long frames and one short frame with a hook underneath for specific gravity...

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  • Inclined Plane

    Product Code : MMW-PMCH-0027

    For investigating sliding friction. Consists of a plane board hinged at the base at one end with a pulley for the force cord at the other end....

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  • Inclined Plane Simple

    Product Code : MMW-PMCH-0028

    Simple, hardwood comprising, cut-away base to allow cord to hang freely and hinged plane 60 x 7.5 cm. with aluminium pulley 28 mm. diameter, and stepp...

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  • Inertia Balance

    Product Code : MMW-PMCH-0029

    It is a class room demonstration kit for qualitative investigation of nature of mass and making students understand distinction between mass and w...

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  • Lever Kit

    Product Code : MMW-PMCH-0030

    This kit helps students understand the concept of moments and principle of lever....

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