Mechanics Experiments

  • Fly Wheel

    Product Code : MMW-PMCH-0019

    200 mm diameter metal wheel...

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  • Force Table

    Product Code : MMW-PMCH-0020

    To verify the law of composition and resolution of forces....

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  • Free Fall Apparatus

    Product Code : MMW-PMCH-0021

    This apparatus is used to determine G by measuring the time of fall of a steel ball through a pre-determined distance....

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  • Friction Board

    Product Code : MMW-PMCH-0022

    It comprises a wooden friction board 480 x 75 x 18 mm, a wooden slider with hook 140 x 70 x 18 mm, a plain aluminium slider and an aluminium slider w...

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  • Geometrical Set Wooden

    Product Code : MMW-PMCH-0023

    Made of Hardwood, 16 pieces, models of various shapes and figures...

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  • Guinea and Feather Apparatus

    Product Code : MMW-PMCH-0024

    This apparatus demonstrates that bodies of different density or mass fall through a given distance in the same time in the absence of atmospheric ...

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