Electrostatic Physics

  • Electroscope - Pith Ball

    Product Code : ELS-PEST-0013

    A chrome plated brass pillar mounted on a wooden base...

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  • Electroscope - Simple Flask Type

    Product Code : ELS-PEST-0014

    Simple Flask Type Overall height 125 mm approx....

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  • Electrostatics Kit

    Product Code : ELS-PEST-0015

    A comprehensive kit of apparatus to enable students to investigate many aspects of electrostatic forces....

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  • Faradays Butterfly Net

    Product Code : ELS-PEST-0016

    For demonstrating that an electrical charge resides on the external surface of a conductor....

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  • Faradays Ice Pails

    Product Code : ELS-PEST-0017

    Set of 4 pails....

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  • Glass Tube

    Product Code : ELS-PEST-0018

    Both ends closed & rounded....

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