Electrostatic Physics

  • Discharger

    Product Code : ELS-PEST-0007

    Small brass plated spheres mounted on curved arms jointed with insulated handle....

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  • Dynamo Bicycle

    Product Code : ELS-PEST-0008

    A cycle dynamo mounted on a wooden base 200 x 115 x 12 mm & provided with two sets of gears driven by a hand crank for fast or slow rotation....

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  • Electric Fields Apparatus

    Product Code : ELS-PEST-0009

    Comprises a shallow glass dish100 x 10 mm & a pair of socket terminals/ electrode holders that clip onto its rim....

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  • Electric Whirl

    Product Code : ELS-PEST-0010

    For demonstrating the effect of electric discharge from points....

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  • Electrophorous

    Product Code : ELS-PEST-0011

    A plastic disc 16 cm diameter in wooden base...

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  • Electroscope - Gold Leaf - Dual Purpose

    Product Code : ELS-PEST-0012

    Rectangular caste metal case and polythene insulated lid with finger flap to facilitate removal....

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