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Home  »  Electronics & Power Apparatus ยป Power Supply (D.C) Regulated (Digital) 0-30V: Capacity: 2A
Product Name: Power Supply (D.C) Regulated (Digital) 0-30V: Capacity: 2A
Product Code: EPW-PECS-0004
Description: The DC Regulated Power Supply is an easy to use, low ripple high regulation precision instrument. Its unique feature is overload protection which makes it a safe power source for testing of electronic equipment.
Specification: Indication of: 3 1/2 digital panel meter voltage/ currentor analog panel meter Accuracy of DPM: 0.5% + 1 digit Line Regulation: 0.05% plus 2 mv(for + 10% change in mains voltage) Protection: Automatic cross-over type of output characteristic from C.V. to C.C. Power Source: 220 V AC + 10% / 50Hz.
Power Supply (D.C) Regulated (Digital) 0-30V: Capacity: 2A Manufacturers & OEM Exporters for Educational Physics Lab Experiments.
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