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Home  »  Light & Optics Experiments ยป Optical Bench 1 Meter Wooden
Product Name: Optical Bench 1 Meter Wooden
Product Code: LOP-PLIT-0036
Description: This is good working bench for junior students.
Specification: It comprises a wooden base board 1110 x 115 mm (L x W) with a one meter scale divided in mms and figured at cms, is fixed along the front edge. Supplied complete with following accessories mounted on 100 x 50mm bases. (a) 2 Nos Object and receiving screens (b) 1 No Plane mirror 150 x 100 mm mounted on a base. (c) 4 Nos Lens holder with V grooves (d) 1 No Needle mounted vertically in a short wooden rod (e) 1 No Candle Holder Optical centre height of all components is 100 mm.
Optical Bench 1 Meter Wooden Manufacturers & OEM Exporters for Educational Physics Lab Experiments.
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