Light & Optics Experiments

  • Perspex Block Semicircular

    Product Code : LOP-PLIT-0056

    Clear acrylic, all faces fully polished...

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  • Photometer Grease Spot

    Product Code : LOP-PLIT-0057

    A waxed paper screen with a wax free centre spot 16 mm wide mounted in a black metal frame 100 x 75 mm with central aperture of 51 mm. The frame i...

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  • Photometer, Grease Spot (Bunsen)

    Product Code : LOP-PLIT-0058

    Grease spot disc held between two wooden screens with 45 mm dia aperture, mounted with 2 inclined plane mirrors approx. 90 mm square....

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  • Photometer, Jollys

    Product Code : LOP-PLIT-0059

    Block comprising of two pieces of polythene approx. 25 mm square, 100 mm thick...

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  • Pin Hole Camera

    Product Code : LOP-PLIT-0060

    Two rectangular, open ended, light proof wood boxes. One slides into the other & contains a frosted translucent glass plate upon which image is formed...

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  • Pin Hole Camera Kit

    Product Code : LOP-PLIT-0061

    8 card board boxes with hole, screen and lid, 50 sheets of black paper, 1 lamp, I lamp holder...

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